Wednesday, October 7, 2009

cara membuat teks berjalan di template blogger

How to create the Running Text / Marquee on magazine template R.1.5 – I have received some questions from the readers and most of them are about how to create the running text/marquee on magazine template R.1.5 exactly as viewed on the demo at
Running text

Actually, to create running text / marquee is easy and it has been discussed long time ago at the post of Making a marquee effect. However, to make it easier, Kang Rohman will give the example of how to create the running text / marquee on magazine template R.1.5, below are the steps:

  1. Please login to blogger with your ID.
  2. Click Layout
  3. Click Page Element tab
  4. Click Add a Gadget (next to facebook icon)
    add a gadget
  5. After a new window appears, click the sign Plus ( + ) for HTML/JavaScript
  6. Copy and paste the code below in the appeared area:
  7. Click SAVE
  8. Done


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