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       The Internet is another world in cybespace. If we draw a comparison from there, and we suppose that as a community, then we can say that the internet such as Jakarta, which consists of various communities, sports, business (business centers and commercial), entertainment, social communities, etc.. From these various activities, see all the hustle and bustle of work to get a value called profit. But if they all have a purpose and a clear direction they were going to achieve ..?

      Decision to Go Online / Internet may be the right choice for your company to do. But everything must be prepared as well, because it should be remembered that the internet has a condition such tight competition. So what kind of conditions must be met in order for your company can compete on the internet ..?

First, your Company's Business Model

     Your business must have a special character in this case means there is a possibility have been carried out by other companies, but there are certain things that can not be done by another company, so it can accelerate your company's business development towards the ideal state level is expected and understandable by the market (your potential customers)

Second, Products and Services That You Offer.

     Position your company's business is a special position in the marketing environment and in consumer thinking. This will make your company's business can survive from the other company. One way to make your business can survive is by offering a product or service special, may be filled by other companies but there are certain things that can not be fulfilled by another company or even possible products and services you offer has the advantage is absolutely impossible that offered by other companies, but keep in mind that special product or service you offer is a difficult thing to do public places such as marketing on the internet. So decide carefully and think carefully, for example if the company you want to start by offering batik products, then think that there are many companies offering similar products on the internet. From here you will be able to determine what should be done so that your company's products can be successful and survive better than that experienced by other companies with similar products.

     When thinking matter products and services your company, do not you think that starting a business on the internet to make your company's business to be special. Because e-business do not change your product, just move / develop marketing off line to online on the internet. Besides, there are many other companies are doing the same thing you are doing, even if you are the first company to do business online.

Third, Do not Feel Small View Competition.

       Competition means you are not the only person who can take advantage of an opportunity to get ahead - but you also must believe that you are in a more advantageous position. One key to success in the competition on the internet is a good web site strategy; include development, placement and web marketing. Why become a key word "success" because with this strategy means you have to use your thoughts and imagination to make their business successful. Another thing you should do is to remain always seek and maintain land gaps that might expand the reach of your business on the internet. So note that there are competitive conditions and determine the right time for you to start bisnsi on the internet.

Fourth, How Your Company Conditions Current.

       How does your company's objective conditions, whether still has good prospect, whether it has achieved success, why did you become a successful company, and how you can maintain the success ..? How is the quality of products or services you offer, what has made customers and your business partners to feel satisfied. Compare with your competitors have done to the customers and their business partners. So you will know the difference can be one basis for you to decide plunge into the Internet.

Fifth, Learn Condition Customers and Your Business Partner.

       The development of your company is built from the customer and your business pertner. Both are environmental components that are critical for the demise of your company's life. Think about whether they are for this work "off line" would be more than happy to work you are "online" as well. Perform calculations, and think about how long it takes for you to penetrate online system that you develop. Also how do the steps you pelnggan candidates.


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