Saturday, February 19, 2011

folders with password security

Data, is all the information already known. in the form of voice, text, visual, or others. The data we have can be obtained from the search, given by another one. Because the vital importance of a data, typically the data will be stored by the owner a safe place and neat. One time is needed, then the data can easily be searched and displayed again. Able for comparison, can also for reference, even for copied / traced. Is it right ????.

Well ... in the world of computers, the data is all well written, visual, audio, and even others. The data is there for the general or special for yourself that is not all people should know / privacy so ...
For data privacy, we sometimes difficult to keep in secret. What is common to hide the folder so that can not be seen by other users. However, there are many ways these weaknesses, including not using a password. If the setting is changed  on folder options -> > show hidden files and folders is enabled then the data will still be visible.
Many software to lock folders with passwords, protect them is a folder, instant lock, lock folder. Here I use free software , powerful enough to keep our important data. Folder will be hiden and can only be opened with a password. Very well yes that makes this software. My Lockbox is his name. Small size only 1.3 mb. If you want to "download" direct suction (here)
Here the image display after install.

To my folder lockbox location could be in place in the directory you want. enter password and good luck ... ....
Now your data is safe from the hands of ignorant ... .. he .... he ... even from our children who have not grown. ho .. ho ... ho ...


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